While METYouth Retreats don’t all look exactly the same there are some key elements that are a core part of what we do:

Faith- We will have four sessions where we sing praises to God and learn from His Word. We take seriously the teaching of the Bible and invest a lot of energies making sure our speakers are of the highest caliber.

Friends- We encourage the building of strong friendships. This sometimes is a lost art in today’s world, so we want to help you. We want to encourage you to retreat from the world. So we unplug for the weekend and spend more time getting to know each other ‘old school’.

Fun- We love to have fun. We think it is good to play games and be a little silly and enjoy good clean fun, indoors and out. So come ready to embrace whatever weather we’re handed.

Food- We eat well! What else is there to say!

Finances- We try hard to keep our expenses as low as possible without sacrificing the quality of the retreat. We are blessed to be a part of a Church that supports METYouth ministries. Therefore, our retreats are heavily subsidized. The price you pay reflects about 60% of the ‘real cost.' But, that still leaves a cost. If your struggling financially to the point of not being able to attend. Please let us know. We want to do our best to help get you there!

Packing List

• Sleeping bag, pillow

• Clothing for warm and cool temperatures

• Swim suit, towel

• Bible, notebook, pen

• McDonalds money

• Bug Spray

• Medication (must have with you at registration)


What NOT to pack: 

• Laptops

• Cell phones

• iPods

• Drugs, alcohol

• Weapons


Q. What will my child be doing all weekend at the retreat? Is there a bed time?

A. Sample Schedule HS, Sample Schedule JH

*Please note that these schedules are subject to change. 


Q. What if my child has an allergy?  Do you accomodate that?

A. We only try to do nut free; however, if you have a life  threatening or severe allergy please contact us and let us know.


Q. Will you make sure my child takes any medications needed?

A. Yes, please drop off any medications and instructions when you check in with your child.


Q. What are the qualifications of medical supervisor?

A. Registered Nurse


Q. In what circumstances will I be called if my child gets hurt?

A. If they are taken to the hospital or the child would like to call home.


Q. Who do I call in case of an emergency?

A. Contact information for emergencies will be listed with the retreat info.