Junior High


5:00 pm    Drop In: Gym and Carol's Corner are all open

6:30 pm    Games in Big Room

6:50 pm    Everyone together for Praise and Teaching

7:50 pm    Small Groups

8:30 pm     End of Program


Please check the Calendar for specific dates and details!



Though we view worship to be lifestyle as opposed to just simply singing or doing your devotions; each Tuesday night we do our best to ensure that we calm ourselves, and ask God to help make us receptive to what He was for us.  There will be a time of singing, as well as some occasional exercises designed to centre your heart and mind in a way that both prepares you to hear from Him while giving Him all of the glory!



Games are a huge element to our Junior High program.  It not only allows our students to engage each other in social interaction it also provides them with a safe outlet to develop and unwind from the challenges of life.  Throughout the evening we divide our Junior High group into two and alternate the groups between games and our teaching time.  This ensures that both groups get time to learn and relax together before heading to small groups for discussion and growth.



At METYouth Junior High we take the Bible very seriously.  With the exception of Out of the House events or Faith in Action nights, we study God’s Word weekly and draw from it practical life applications relevant to a Junior Highers’ life experience.  The teaching time is central to the night and bleeds into other facets of our ministry.  For PowerPoints and Small Group Questions look under the “sermons” tabs to see what our students have been learning.


Small Groups

Typically, Junior High students respond well to teaching times when they have time to process and discuss afterwards.  We make it our priority to provide our students with a small group to discuss matters of life and faith privately without worry or fear.


High School


5:00 pm     Drop In: Gym, Arts Studio, and Carol's Corner

6:30 pm     Gym for Games

6:50 pm     Everyone together for Praise and Teaching

7:50 pm     Small Group Time

8:40 pm     Hang Out: Gym, Arts Studio, and Carol's Corner


Please check the Calendar for specific dates and details!


Arts & Crafts Studio

Come have a try at sewing, knitting, crocheting, cross stitching, embroidery,  carvings, decorative wood burning, paper engineering, etc.!  Let us know your interests and we'll do our best to make it happen.                                              

Please contact Linda Benn (bennset@rogers.com)  to get involved in helping in this ministry-- come teach your favourite hobby, craft, sewing or wood project, or fine art skill. .



Tough day at the office (errrr school)? Come work it out in the gym.  Open from 5:00-6:40 pm and after youth group until 10:00 pm.


Carol's Corner

The Snack Bar is open! Hot Dogs, popcorn, pop, chocolate bars, ... and so much more. Grab a snack and  a booth...make sure you get your home work done before youth group starts!

Small Groups

At the heartbeat of Tuesday night is Intentional Relationship. Small Groups are where we meet to talk, pray, eat and when sufficient trust is built, share...how we're really feeling. God uses his children to minister to his children.


Each and every Sponsor is screened using our Child and Youth Worker Policy (this includes a mandatory Police Check). One thing that is NOT needed is a Heart Check. These volunteers love their Lord and love the students to whom they have been entrusted.