For Parents

How do I get my child connected @ METYouth?

If you need help connecting your son or daughter to METYouth… PLEASE let us help!

We will have one of our sponsors personally call/write to invite your child to METYouth programming as well as make them aware of coming events.

We’ll make sure that your child’s designated sponsor is aware that your child is new and will work to integrate them into their small group as well as the greater METYouth family.

Our METYouth student leadership team will also ensure that your child is looked after and connecting with the group, specifically those from their school or neighborhood.

How do we communicate to Parents?

We post all liability forms, flyers, and announcements  online!

Our calendar lists the details for coming events.

Follow our Instagram account or Facebook group for regular event updates.

And at any time, always feel free to chat with our sponsor team and/or Pastor Greg to get clarification or updates!

Where are the sign-up sheets for events?  How do I sign up?

Visit the Events tab to find more information about how to sign up for upcoming events.

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